Hi, this is Marco, welcome on my pages 🙂

I’m a Senior IT Systems Engineer with a focus on Linux architecture, security, and maintenance.
My passion for GNU/Linux began in the late ’90s, a passion that later led me to join the NaLUG (Naples Linux Users Group).
With the team we contributed to the creation of the Neapolitan Observatory on Open Source, aimed at facilitating the transition to open source software in the public administrations of Naples (my city ♥).
We currently carry out a series of events to disseminate and sharing knowledge in free/libre technologies and digital freedoms.

From 2009 to 2015, I made contributions to the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. In those years I was a member of the International Cyber Threat Task Force. Subsequently, until 2017, I held the role of IT Infrastructure Engineer and IT Security Manager for Programma il Futuro project, an initiative of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the National Inter-university Consortium for IT.

Since 2015, I have been an early adopter of SailfishOS and have been a digital supporter in the Digital Champions association, a role defined by the European Union to promote innovation. In that year I dedicated to cloud computing as AWS System Administrator and, subsequently, I have been working as engineer specializing in DevSecOps and IaaC paradigm according to CNCF technologies.

In 2020, I implemented an automatic infrastructure deployment system (based on Ansible) that reduced deployment times by 90%. The solution is currently in production and I am carrying out further developments improving the functionality and introducing the use of blockchain to track the most critical parts of the release process.

In 2021 I was invited to participate in the European Commission meeting about “Sharing and reusing IT solutions” at the Directorate General for Informatics.

Beyond my work, I pursue interests related to automotive, energy and economics and how open source (particularly bitcoin) can have an impact.
In meantime, I continue to be active in the opensource/free software community as a wiki editor and speaker, participating in events to promote digital knowledge.

That’s all for now, folks 🙂