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Here you can find my public speaking activities and coordination of dissemination events (in chronological order from oldest)

Forensic Analysis with opensource tools
Cyber Forensics – The acquisition and analysis of data
XFS: filesystem development in the GNU/Linux environment
Power saving bug in Linux: here’s the solution
A backdoor discovered in the VsFTPd source code
Linux kernel: shared memory structure
Analysis of a breach on Unix-like systems
Understanding Linux – 20 years of kernel history and technique
Digital Forensics – methods of analysis multi-platform
Siege: Your site under “siege”
SSH over public networks
Logcheck, automated log analysis
Coordination install party at the PompeiLab
Compiling the kernel – light tips && tricks
Light Help Desk, questions and curiosities
Introductory lectures in the course of computer science and systems on GNU/Linux
Security Hacking Engineering – methods of attack and defense computing with open source tools
SOPA/PIPA: Internet sovereignty controlled
LAMP: from GNU/Linux to the Web
PostgreSQL: a relational database
Tomcat – Installation & Configuration
Data Hiding – methodologies and open source tools
The complexity of malware: structural analysis and development environments
Programma il Futuro: an open source choice
Linux Security Hardening – overview on the general principles for the reduction of attack surfaces
GNU/Linux for embedded system
Chief scenario of attack-defense-analysis’ simulation
Hack the Whale: Security workshop with focus on docker
The DevOps paradigm – the evolution of IT professionals and opensource toolkit
Introduction keynote about GNU/Linux and opensource technologies
EDOB – Enterprise DevOps Blockchain. A new opensource paradigm?