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Open Source in the contemporary economy

The integration of open source into the global economic landscape represents a significant transformation in the ways economies can grow and interact. This article explores how open source philosophy and technology can aid in economic development, through the analysis of the theories of the Austrian and Keynesian schools. Additionally, we will discuss Bitcoin‘s role in mitigating some of the most common problems of the modern economy.

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Open source: not just a technological approach

In the vast and rapidly evolving world of technology, open source emerges as a compass that guides you towards innovation, transparency and collaboration. Defined by its freely accessible nature, open source is not just a type of software or a development methodology; it’s a philosophy. A philosophy that promotes the freedom to examine, modify and distribute source code for anyone interested in improving it or adapting it to their needs. This post explores why adopting and contributing to open source technologies not only enriches the global technology community but also represents a critical step forward for sustainable innovation and personal growth.

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